Accessories - Protection for your floors

Do not damage your floors needlessly.

Protection for your floors

Prevention is better than cure! And the same holds true for your floor coverings. Before you scuff, scrape or scratch them, remember appropriate protections exist!


Protective matting

Your workstation floors are exposed to extreme wear. Over time, even when the rollers of office chairs are adapted to the flooring, your floor will show traces of wear. Protective matting can prevent this phenomenon. We can provide you with matting tailored to your floors. Feel free to chat to us about it.


Rollers for office chairs

Several types of rollers exist for office chairs. As a general rule, hard plastic rollers are intended for carpets and softer rollers for harder floors such as wooden floors, lino, laminate, etc.
Talk to your office chair supplier.


de Buedemleer Protective matting
de Buedemleer MagiGLIDE® buffer gliders

Protective buffer gliders for chairs and furniture - MagiGLIDE®

Unfortunately chair leg bases are not always suitable for any type of floor. Stock up on protective buffer gliders to prevent scuffing, scraping and scratching your floors with the leg bases of your chairs, your sofas or when moving your furniture. The advantage of MagiGLIDE® buffer gliders is that they are suitable for almost all floors: they glide along brilliantly and are extremely silent.

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