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Made-to-order insect screens for every style and every size of window, door and skylight to protect you from insects, spiders and pollen.

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A myriad of different models is available: hinged insect screen doors (two-way), swing doors, sliding systems and folding doors (pleated), roller insect screens (manual and electric) and removable stentering frames. Ask our specialists for advice to define the type of insect screen tailored to your needs.

Colours: choose frames that match the colour of your windows, with a choice of 6 standard colours or based on the RAL colour of your windows.
Transpatec®: Basically invisible.
Polltec®: optimal pollen protection.

Perfect solution for

Doors leading onto a terrace or balcony and all windows which are used to air your home.


Doors and roller insect screens are generally screwed onto door/window frames, shutter runners or on the facade. Drilling is not required for removable insect screen frames.

Bespoke service

We propose a bespoke service: measuring-up, advice in your own home, fitting and hanging, after-sales service and repairs.

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