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The refined, classical vertical blinds elegantly and unobtrusively adorn bay windows, large windows and verandas. The vertical strips let you control light and privacy easily. Our extensive range of fabrics offers you a wide selection of colours, patterns and levels of transparency so you can make the perfect choice for your interior environment.

Our exquisite range of colours, patterns, rich structures and levels of transparency, from delicate net curtains to striking textures, helps you find the perfect balance between light, privacy and style. A decorative feature which is not just for professional premises or medical practices.

Our services for your vertical blinds

Perfect solutions
Bespoke service


Choose from 3 different strip widths: 89 mm, 127 mm, 250 mm and different materials such as fabric, aluminium or PVC.
Extravagance: The vertical strips are also proposed as wave shapes or with 3D effects.
Mix: Mix colours and play with levels of transparency!


Ceiling or wall.


With bead-pull chain electrical (wired or remote).

Perfect solution for

For large bay window, for workstations (PC screen).

Bespoke service

We propose a bespoke service: measuring-up, advice in your own home, fitting and hanging, after-sales service and repairs.

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