Blinds - Curtains and voile curtains

Keep out of sight from prying eyes by using voile curtains which still ensure daylight enters the room. If you prefer to add a decorative touch to your interior, go for curtains. Feel free to play with colours and patterns to add a dash of modernity and warmth!

Our services for your curtains and voile curtains

Perfect solutions
Bespoke service


A variety of different styles exist (wavy, single or double pinch pleat, as well as different eyelets). Choose the fabric, from our extensive range, which corresponds best to your privacy, level of blackout/obscurity, sound refinement, thermal insulation needs, not forgetting our fire-retardant/non-flammable fabrics.


On the ceiling with discreet rails or on a wall with highly-decorative rods or poles.

Perfect solution for

Our curtains and voile curtains are perfect for all your windows (lounge, living room, bedroom, etc.).


Controlled manually, electrically (wired or remote) or by batteries with remote.


Curtain and voile curtain drop-off, laundry cleaning and re-hanging service. 
This service is limited to curtains and voile curtain supplied by de Buedemleër.

Bespoke service

We propose a bespoke service: measuring-up, advice in your own home, fitting and hanging, after-sales service and repairs.

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