Blinds - Duette® and Plissee shades

Keep out of sight from prying eyes without blocking your outdoor vista, by enhancing your windows with pleated or honeycomb (cellular) pleated blinds, better known as Duette®. They will charm you with their lightness and their style.

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Duette® blinds and pleated blinds come in various depths: 25, 32 and 64 mm and offer 4 levels of transparency (transparent, semi-transparent, opaque and blackout).

Architella®: with their double structure, Architella® blinds contain 3 layers of air to ensure optimal thermal insulation. As a result, they are a source of significant energy-saving and improve the sound in interior environments.

DustBlock®: this special fabric treatment provides antistatic properties and provides reliable protection from moisture and dirt. As a result, the blinds are easy to care for and remain in perfect condition for longer.

Topar® Plus: Topar® Plus pleated fabrics reflect heat and sunlight effectively. As a result, they are perfect as blinds for verandas or other rooms fitted with large bay windows.


Protect yourself from the heat and even the cold in winter, while enjoying the benefits of the sun and less cost for heationg or cooling. Learn more


A comprehensive range of control systems are available: bead-pull chain, manual direct-pull (top down / bottom up), electrical (wired or remote) or batteries with remote.


They may be attached in a variety of ways: on a wall, ceiling, a window-opening or stuck to the window pane itself.

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Choose a top-down bottom-up model for the bathroom and the kitchen. Prefer Duette® blinds for your veranda. If you are looking for blinds for your unusual-shaped windows (trapezium, triangular, round, etc.), then pleated blinds or honeycomb (cellular) pleated blinds are the perfect solution.

Bespoke service

We propose a bespoke service: measuring-up, advice in your own home, fitting and hanging, after-sales service and repairs.

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