Our values and our philosophy

Our values

In 2017, we redefined our values, which are our focus for work on a daily basis.

Team spirit
We work together as a team, hand-in-hand, and we help and support our colleagues as best we can. By doing so, we ensure job sustainability and Company success.

Safety & security
We are committed to preventing accidents and to ensuring our health is not compromised.

We treat everyone respectfully, we seek to uphold our corporate image and identity, we use materials and tools for professional purposes and we respect the environment.

We are honest with ourselves, our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers and our Company.

We are committed to ensuring quality in everything we do. Quality is defined by benchmarked products and services, hygiene, discipline and efficiency.

de Buedemleër: first Tarkett ReStart partner in Luxembourg

It is with great pride that we signed the Tarkett ReStart® partnership on November 20, 2019.
It is our daily commitment to reduce unnecessary waste, to choose environmentally friendly products and partners and to recycle as much of our waste as possible, which has enabled us to be the first ReStart® partner in Luxembourg.
With ReStart®, Tarkett closes the loop. Tarkett created the ReStart® project to give a second life to scraps of vinyl, linoleum and carpet flooring. Tarkett collects post-installation and post-consumer flooring, with the aim to recycle and reuse it as a new resource. (What is the ReStart® program?)


de Buedemleër 1er partenaire Tarkett ReStart au Luxembourg


As a small compensation for all the trees which we have transformed into wooden floors, we regularly ask the Rainforest organization (rainforest.lu) to plant trees in Costa Rica. As such, in 2017, we decided to stop offering gifts at the end of the year and to prefer to invest in environmental conservation and protection.

Circular economy

The circular economy is an economic concept which is in line with sustainable development and which, in particular, inspires ideas related to the green economy, product-service systems (PSS), otherwise known as the service economy, performance economy and industrial ecology (which wishes for industrial waste to be recycled as raw material for another industry or for the same). (Luce Beaulieu, Gabrielle van Durme, Marie-Luc Arpin and CIRAIG, Circular economy: a critical literature review of concepts)

As we care about our environment, we propose our Cradle-to-Cradle-certified (C2C) product ranges, made from recycled materials or from products from renewable resources.

Are you interested in these products? Get in touch!

Certificat et diplome De Buedemleer

Start upcycling!

Unfortunately we cannot ensure zero waste or zero scrap. However, anything that is not useful for us is not necessarily useless or unusable. This is why we collect various materials so that they may be given a second lease of life through DIY. Shouht out to all DIYers, artists, educators: feel free to come by to see if there are any materials which may inspire you. We regularly have available: old collection with various samples, scraps of fabric, scraps of lino, wooden floor slats, pieces of wood, old blinds, etc.


SDK fir Betriber

Concerned for the environment and acutely aware of the importance of recycling, we are proud to have been "SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber"-certified since 2010 (recognized quality label granted to businesses which have adopted an environmentally-friendly waste management plan).

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